Kahoot Answers Hack Tool Bot – Kahoot Hack Auto Answer (2022)

Kahoot can be even more fun if you have the chance to use bot tools and cheats like the Answers Hack. You can flood a Kahoot chat with almost 2000 bots named randomly. These bots flood the session, sometimes with incorrect answers. Some bots let you choose any name that you like. We will be covering all things bots and answer hackers in Kahoot. Keep reading to find out more.

Kahoot Answers Bot Hack – How to use Auto Answer Cheats

Kahoot Answer Bot by Sean – 3

The Kahoot Answer Bot from Sean – 3 works in a similar way to what we have described in the introduction of this guide. The bot can send in large numbers of bots to participate in Kahoot’s quiz sessions. These bots, which can enter in large numbers up to 2000, enter the sessions and choose from the answers. These bots can also be given random names.

All you have to do to use the answer bot hack in Kahoot is click on the Play button on your screen. To continue, click on the Play button and then press the Enter key. Next, choose Yes or No to receive prompts to generate random names.

Once you have chosen the answer, enter your Kahoot pin. Next, enter the number and type of bots that you want to spam the session. After you have completed these details, you can simply go to the Kahoot session to watch the magic happen!


KahootBot allows you to send bots online to any Kahoot game or session. You can use this tool in a matter of minutes and you’ll be flooding your chosen session with random bots.

Note down the PIN to use KahootBot. Enter the PIN in the Game Pin box of the KahootBot interface. Next, choose how many bots you want to send to a session. These bots can be managed in a number of ways. After you have completed all settings and preferences click on Send Bots.

After bots have been sent to your session, click on Manage to control and even remove them.

Kahoot Hack Online

Kahoot Hack Online allows you to flood sessions with auto-answers and bypass username filters.

Kahoot Hack Online is unique because it has many different features like those we have mentioned earlier. Auto-Answer extracts the correct answers to each quiz. The User Flood option lets you flood Kahoot games and sessions with large numbers of players.

The Bypass Username Filter allows you to use any name that you choose.

These are some of the most useful and easy-to-use Kahoot solutions. There are many other bots and tools that you can use to help the game. We recommend that you refrain from using derogatory names or insulting names before you continue. These bots and hacks should be used for entertainment only, not to cheat or disrupt classes or games.

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