Guide to Setup Xbox One is a mobile web portal to set up Xbox One digitally with an activation code.

It means you aren’t able to use this Xbox One setup website on your personal computer (Mac or Windows).

It’s essential to everyone Xbox One new buyer. Always note your Xbox One app screen’s activation code to enable the Xbox One on your smartphone.

In the event that it is not the code will be deleted and you’ll have to generate a new activation code (only after you install or remove the Xbox application from your phone).

So, Here in this article, I will guide you on how to set up Xbox One digitally using “ Let’s take a look…

what is is a mobile website to complete the Xbox system update rather than waiting for the system to complete the update automatically. The site provides the user with a manual method of updating Xbox One. In addition, it is the case that Xbox One digital setup isn’t available on your PC. This means you need to activate all the Xbox One methods on your smartphone.

How to Setup Xbox Digitally on Phone using and Xbox Mobile App?

On your Android as well as iOS portable device adhere to these instructions:

First of all, visit, shown on the update screen, and please use your camera app to use the QR code.

Note: We suggest you note down the Activation code on the screen that updates. You must enter it in the app once you have logged in.

At the Welcome to Xbox screen, you can choose to Tap to continue setting up within the Xbox application.

Note: If you don’t have the Xbox app installed on your phone You’ll be prompted to download it.

Log into the Xbox app and then input the code on the screen to update.

Answer the screen-based questions until you have completed the setup process.

Reconnect on your Xbox console. When the update for your system is complete you will be prompted to change your settings using within the Xbox app.

Please select Yes to continue.

Xbox App download

The new Xbox application allows you to stay connected to play with your friends, games and console on your smartphone or tablet while traveling.

You can easily upload game footage and screenshots from your console on popular gaming and social networks.

Friends and parties keep track of you via text and voice chat, even when they’re using the console or computer.

You will receive notifications about games, new game invite messages, invitations, and many other notifications. You can also you can play games directly from your console directly to your mobile via the internet.

The no-cost Xbox game application provides the most reliable method to play the game no matter where you would like to play.

The final words

It was all about How to set up Xbox Digitally on the Phone by using I hope you enjoy this post and it’s been a great help however if you’re experiencing any issues related to the Xbox Setup then feel free to post a comment. I enjoy helping others. Thanks!

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