How to Escape from Tarkov Woods Map?

If you’re just beginning, then this game might be a little difficult for you because it requires the ability to stealth and skill, as well as intense concentration and perseverance. You can however be able to successfully escape it by simply being aware of the map. Since we are aware this map Woods map can be complicated and confusing for those who are new to the map, we’re here to provide an aid.

The basic idea is that in this game you need to be spawned at an edge as the game will take you to the other side of the map to allow for extraction. You should be prepared for a fight with spawners and continue to search for players as soon as they start spawning.

Let us give you an easy-to-follow and accurate guide on how to escape From Tarkov Woods Map

Mark Out Key Landmarks

It is crucial to understand where you’ve been born. Therefore, you must look for the most important landmarks that will help you pinpoint your position quickly. The most important landmark you should look for is the following:



Sniper SCAV mountains.

If you’re unable to find one of these landmarks then you were spawned in the woods or at the edge of. It is likely that after a few minutes of exploring, you will locate these landmarks, but if you are unable to locate them, don’t worry as you must locate the site of the plane crash in the woods and identify your exact location.


Once you’ve located the location of your spawn, move toward the point of extraction. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been spawned, just be sure that you go across the camp in order to traverse across. If your exit point is the exit of your vehicle towards the South, you are able to leave the camp.

There are permanent extraction points for every player, just like West players who spawn The Outskirts are the player with the extraction point located in the East will be taken towards the UN Roadblock.

To find your extraction point, double-tap the -O. Here are a few possibilities for players to chooseto select

Eastspawn players

RUAF Roadblock.

ZB016 B Bunker.

UN Roadblock.

Old station.

West Borders.

In addition to the one above, in addition, there are several other extraction points specifically designed for eastspawn players. For example:

The Gate to Factory.

For the South vehicle exit, you will need 3000 Roubles to extract.

If it’s Mountain Stash Mountain Stash then it requires you to carry the red Ice Pick, two chords, along with a vest that is not armoured for exit

West spawn players


Dead Man’s Place

Water outskirts and Outskirts

SCAV House of East gate.

The exit that is special for West players with spawns are:

ZB014 B bunker that requires an entry key

Logger camp

South Exit which is similar to the east Spawn players.

Logger camp is thought of as the point of entry for all players because all players would have to cross the line. It is also referred to as the spot where there are many sniper positions in this region.

On the west side, the Sniper rocks as well as those on the Beach stones on the East side are in which you will find potential snipers. It is possible to avoid them or take them on by advancing on top.


In the end, we can conclude the Escape From HTML0: Tarkov Woods is not the best choice for newbies since it offers a lower amount of items to collect. However it is true that it is a great place to start. Woods map is a great spot for players seeking long-range battles because you have plenty of opportunities to engage in combat. Don’t be concerned as it doesn’t matter how much you’re an amateur, by following our tutorial, you’ll be quickly a pro.


Which is the most effective map to begin the escape From Tarkov?

It is believed it is believed that Sheroline is the most suitable map for beginners since it clearly outlines points of interest that make learning simple, as do the spawns of scav.

The shoreline is a great map for beginners?

This is an excellent map for those who are just starting out since it is suitable for all. It has wide, hills, and plains that can be used for practicing long-distance shooting as well as shooting. Additionally, there are several villages located nearby to help you get loots more easily.

What is the biggest Tarkov map?

According to Nikita Buyanov, the COO from Battlestate Games, the Streets of Tarkov will be the largest and most detailed place ever. There will be lots to explore starting with an abandoned city, which is full of huge apartments to shops that are semi-segregated. The entire area is surrounded by a large skyline.

Did Woods get an expansion?

It is believed that the expansion will come out in 2020. But, the screenshots are in the pipeline.

What is the length of the duration of a Woods attack?

The raid may be initiated by 6-12 participants and maximally last for 45 minutes.

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