COBID : All You Need To Know & How It Works

COBID stands for “Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity.

The principal purpose of COBID certification is that it allows businesses to compete for government contracts offered to them by the State of Oregon regardless of size, gender, or the age of their employees, ethnicity or disabilities.

A new or small company or even a firm that employs disabled people or women or minorities are able to be recognized as part of the COBID program, allowing them to be more competitive when it comes to government contracts.

By such steps, in the end, the government will get benefitted since they can give government contracts to native businesses as well as can alleviate local economic conditions:

  • Minority-owned companies
  • Women-owned companies
  • Businesses owned by disabled veterans
  • Startups and businesses in the early stages

The goal of the “COBID” scheme of state of Oregon is to award the Government contracts to firms of all sizes in an equitable method, regardless of who is the owner of the business or whether owners are in an “disadvantage” in any way.

In 2016 The Office of Minority, Women and Oregan Emerging Small Business changed its name to The Certification Office of Business Inclusion and Diversity (also known as COBID).

COBID Certification working process?

Here we will try to understand the COBID mechanism through its structure & steps:

Scope of COBID Oregan

The objective of the COBID facility is to enable businesses owned by minority groups or women-owned, or veterans-owned as well as emerging small-sized firms to stand a greater chances of bidding on and winning government contracts and government projects.

Certain government projects must meet some equity, diversity and inclusion standards. Awarding contracts to those companies that have been certified COBID will make the process easier and quicker.

Different types of certifications

The state of Oregon – Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity is the official authority for providing this certification that allows businesses to apply for and obtain COBID certifications.

Here are the various types of certifications that are offered:

  • Airport Concessions Disabled Business Enterprise Program (ACDBE)
  • Disadvantaged business enterprise program (DBE)
  • Minority Business Enterprise Program (MBE)
  • Women Business Enterprise Program (WBE)
  • Emerging Small Business Program (ESB)
  • SDV is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Program (SDV)

COBID Eligibility

  • Have at least 51% ownership of the business applying for certification
  • Control and oversee the day-to-day business operations of the firm
  • You must have the required professional license for operating the company
COBID eligibility structure table
COBID Eligibility Structure

In order for a business to be eligible for the Emerging Small Business Program, the business must meet SBA dimensions standards, in addition to the average gross revenue cap that is determined over a 3-year period.

COBID application

You could apply for an COBID certification on OREGON.GOV website to submit an application through the Certification Management System.

With this platform online you’ll be able to finish your certification process with ease.

All the applications should be submitted online only.

If you don’t possess access to the Internet or you are unable to complete an application via the internet, contact COBID office on 503-986-0175 to request a printed version of your application.

Application for certification on is absolutely free.

Additionally, Your renewals for certifications will be also completely free.

Here Minority Means

As per the COBID office, The following are the ethnic groups that are classified as minorities:

  • “Black American” refers to people with roots in or from any one of the Black races of Africa;
  • Hispanic American includes persons of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American or any other Spanish or Portuguese tradition or culture regardless of race.
  • Native American includes persons who are American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts or Native Hawaiians.
  • Asian-Pacific American refers to people who are in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brunei, Samoa, Guam, the United States Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, Macao, Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Nauru, Federated States of Micronesia as well as Hong Kong;
  • Subcontinent Asian Americans includes persons with origins from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives Islands, Nepal, or Sri Lanka;
  • Other groups whose members are identified as socially deficient according to the Small Business Administration and/or as identified as such under the 49 CFR Part 26 (2013 Edition).
  • Other minority group membership is defined in the case of the person applying. Membership is determined by evidence submitted by the applicant to prove the claim of the applicant that he/ is part of an ethnic minority and that the particular minority group recognizes the applicant as an integral part within the group. It is at COBID’s discretion to decide if the applicant’s claim is legitimate. If the minority community doesn’t exist in Oregon the burden of proof falls on the applicant to demonstrate that they are economically and socially disadvantaged person.” 

The benefits of COBID

Here are the most significant advantages of obtaining a certification for COBID:

  • Your company is able to bid on federal contracts or local contracts and state contracts or city-wide government projects
  • It is possible to work with large and international organizations that have policies in place to work with smaller companies that have been certified
  • You could be eligible to receive a $10,000 cash award directly by the state or $50,000 professional service awards
  • Small businesses that are emerging might be eligible for an award of $100,000 directly via the Small Contracting Program Emergency response list
  • Furthermore certification will permit you to take part in numerous networking events, utilize marketing tools that are accessible to you, complete classes, and even locate mentorship programs.

Common Terms to Know


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Business Oregon Contact Information

If you require more information about this COBID certification, you may get in touch with the Oregon state department in Oregon in order to obtain more details.

Telephone: 503-986-0075

COBID Login(Certification Management System)

COBID Directory of certified companies

Oregon Certification Programs

Oregon Business Resources

You may also refer to the COBID frequently asked questions for additional answers to your concerns.

COBID Certificate Takeaways

What exactly does COBID mean?

What are the advantages of having COBID Certified Business?

COBID is the “Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity”.

  • The principal goal of getting the COBID certificate is to permit your company to submit bids for numerous federal, state local, and municipal contracts and projects that have to meet the diversity, equity and inclusion criteria.
  • COBID certifications can help new small-scale firms compete and stand a better chance of winning an award from the government.
  • The federal government states, state government agencies, state governments municipalities, counties and big companies must adhere to diversity and inclusion, equity, and equity rules. They are more likely to collaborate with companies that are certified.
  • If you’re a business which believes that it is qualified to receive an COBID certification, it is advisable to consider it, since it could help your company gain access to opportunities you might not have had otherwise.

Best of luck!

Key Learnings

  • Certain small businesses can get an advantage in bids for government contract as well as public projects, if they hold “COBID” certificates
  • COBID-certified businesses help the states and federal governments as well as large companies to achieve their equity, diversity and inclusion goals and standards.
  • For specific projects the government must comply with certain goals or specifications through collaboration with businesses owned by women, minority-owned and owned by service-disabled veterans or with emerging small-scale businesses
  • There are numerous benefits available to women, veterans with disabilities and minority-owned businesses to consider applying for and getting COBID certification, make sure to research it

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