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Hello, Guys If you have no idea about what is aka.ms/accountsettings?  you will get to know how to change aka ms account settings in your Microsoft account? If so, this article is written for you. Read this article to get all the information you need to know about how to Change Microsoft Account Settings?

what is aka.ms/accountsettings

Users can change their Microsoft Account Settings by going to aka.ms/accountsettings.

Minecraft is among the most well-known games played on Microsoft. Many children are playing the Minecraft game using either their Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo. Also, read how to set up your new Xbox Live

It is vital to modify to change the Microsoft Account settings so that children aren’t able to access any adult-related content when playing their favourite Minecraft game.

Gaming keeps your files up to date, gaming, other devices that are essential to be connected and more.

Microsoft has paved the road for high-performance internet usage, allowing you, me, and everyone else to complete simple activities with more ease and accessibility..

More information on establishing your Microsoft account settings across your preferred devices, as well as making account adjustments, can be found here.

Furthermore, privacy has always been major concern of privacy , and you will learn here more about Microsoft’s various privacy rights.

The settings on your online account and security measures are implemented to ensure that your account is exclusively accessible by you and not re-settled elsewhere.

How to Use aka.ms/accountsettings for Xbox?

Xbox Live and Xbox 360 have upgraded the security as well as privacy procedures to ensure that children aren’t exposed to content that is above the maturity level.

These settings and preferences for older people must be changed manually through a couple of specific steps.

This means that you and your loved ones can utilize the Microsoft account that is tied to your Microsoft account without a lot of trouble.

  • By using the Xbox the settings menu, gamers are able to gain access to the essential settings and privacy controls for the Minecraft game.
  • You can do this by checking out the online settings panel on the Xbox official website (https://www.xbox.com).
  • Click on the privacy and security option.
  • There is a way to modify all privacy settings, or. You might want to alter the safety or privacy setting for the child you are caring for.
  • You will then need sign in to your Microsoft account. This is your official Microsoft account. Enter all your login details, then click go. You can click on this Microsoft account setting link (https://account.xbox.com)to get started right away.
  • You’ll be directed to a different screen where you need to select the account you wish to change the settings.
  • After you’ve made your choice then, you must tick the box from Xbox Online Safety.
  • It is important that you double-check, and then a thorough analysis of any changes you’ve made.
  • Then, find the Submit button, and click it. Save all of your Microsoft settings to your account.
  • It is also possible to find the option to disable any further browsing on the internet on behalf of the child’s account.
  • Then you’re done!

aka.ms/accountsettings and Privacy

The most simple method to navigate any app or device you purchase is to sign in using the Microsoft account.

It allows automatic synchronization of all of your previously created settings. It also instantly gathers all the necessary details about you without needing to fill in numerous information boxes.

It’s easy to navigate, especially when you need to change some particulars about your Microsoft account settings or another privacy-related issue. The single Microsoft account will be able to seamlessly sync all your data.

  • If you’d like to change your Microsoft account picture and other personal details frequently across all of your devices one connected Microsoft account can help enormously.
  • It also gives users more instant access to personalization as well as quick changes.
  • Thus, all your apps installed on your computer are very secure and adhere to the security standards that are part of the security settings of your Microsoft account.
  • You can access this feature through the Settings on your device, then select the Accounts tab and change the settings as needed.
  • So all of your personal data along with your applications and software across all devices will be completely interconnected with one another.

What to do when aka.ms/accountsettings not working?

  • You must confirm whether the Minecraft version you’re using is not the beta version.
  • The majority of Minecraft Realms are only open in the beta version that is not available for Minecraft.
  • Sometimes, the antivirus software or the firewall of the device activates and blocks users to launch your Minecraft game.
  • Therefore, make sure there isn’t any external party that interferes with your gaming experience. In the event that they do, switch them off by changing the settings on your device.
  • You are able to quit the previous Minecraft game and then restart it using the new model.
  • Verify that your router is receiving an internet connection that is reliable for solutions to poor coverage.
  • You can set up your router by hand and configure it with NAT.
  • If you are able, consider using an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi standard.
  • The Realm can be restarted to allow it to run quicker.
  • The final choice is to verify the backup files to gain access to your world. This can be done by going to the backup menu, which is accessible within Your Realm settings.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do to change the settings of my aka.ms profile settings?

You can alter your aka.ms Microsoft profile settings simply by clicking this link. : https://account.microsoft.com/account/privacy?refd=account.live.com&destrt=privacy-dashboard<=en-GB

How do I modify the privacy settings of my Microsoft account?

Select the amount of information you want to give to Microsoft by altering you privacy settings. From your Start Menu, select Settings > Privacy. There is an array of privacy options. There are also hyperlinks to specific privacy options on the left side of the page.

Are my personal data secure using aka.ms?


Do I have to join the Xbox account to my aka.ms?

You can connect your Xbox with your aka.ms account by copying this link – https://account.xbox.com/ on your web browser.

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