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Chaves County Courthouse 

The Fifth Judicial District Court was organized in 1889 and consisted of the counties of Socorro and Lincoln. Chaves, Eddy and Lea Counties had not been created then and were part of Lincoln County. In 1889, Chaves and Eddy Counties were created. They were to remain part of Lincoln County until January 1, 1891, and be attached to the Third Judicial District. However, an Act of Congress approved July 10, 1890, created five judicial districts in the Territory of New Mexico. The Counties of Socorro, Lincoln, Chaves and Eddy constituted the Fifth Judicial District. In 1903, Roosevelt County was created and attached to the Fifth Judicial District.

Eddy County Courthouse

In 1905, Lincoln and Socorro Counties became part of the Third Judicial District leaving Chaves, Eddy and Roosevelt Counties as the Fifth Judicial District. In 1909, Curry County was created and added to the district. In 1917, Lea and DeBaca Counties became part of the district. In 1921, Curry, Quay, Roosevelt and DeBaca Counties became the Ninth Judicial District, leaving Chaves, Eddy and Lea Counties as the Fifth Judicial District.

Lea County Courthouse

The Fifth Judicial District is one of the largest districts in the State of New Mexico. The judges and employees are proud of the efficient operation of the courts in this district. We welcome you to visit the courthouses in this district to view all aspects of your trial court system.

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